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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #23 Importance of Reflection and Best Use of Resources

Avoid information overload!

It is important to reflect on the abundance of information that we take in from the many resources that are available to us. In this episode I discuss some ways to reflect and take away the messages from each episode that speak to your situation and help you face your challenges. I also discuss how to access the resources that I make available to everyone and ways to put them to good use.

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Covered in this episode:

Subscribing to the podcast

  • Easy access to all episodes on mobile devices, tablets, and computer

  • Click here for details and links to subscribe

Receive email updates from me weekly

  • Weekly updates on episodes, events, and timely offers

  • Make sure you’re opening them and scanning for updates so that you stay in the loop and are aware of resources and whats going on

  • Make sure you check the “promotions” tab in Gmail

Resources tab of the website gives you a place to easily access the resources that I make available for everyone

  • Public Health Organizations is a valuable resource of global organizations that many people have already requested but others are not aware of or perhaps just have not requested yet

  • Valuable resource for research projects, connecting with organizations that match your public health interest area, potential resource for volunteer and career opportunities

  • Click here to access Public Health Organizations on the resources page

The website should be thought of as home, where you can find whatever you are looking for regarding the podcast, community, resources, etc.

  • Visit the website often to stay familiar with what is available

  • Comment on the community page and share feedback that can help others; remember that this community relationship is reciprocal and you have much to offer others when you share comments

  • Connect with me on other social media sites

  • Visiting regularly makes it easy for you to stay connected with resources and find whatever you need whenever its convenient for you

Leading By Example category of the community page

  • 1 Billion Steps Challenge – My decision to start a team is one of the best decisions that I’ve made – becoming a visible example

  • Visit the page and read my post – I’m a Walking Example

  • Leading this team challenged me personally, stepping out in the way has moved me forward in many ways that are difficult to put into words right now

You don’t always need every resource that I share, or every tip that is shared on every podcast episode

  • Sometimes you only need one tip, one resource

  • Take what you need and apply it in your situation

  • Much information is made available but it is not for the intention of information overload

Resource for online degree student

  • Online Grad School Life Balance – guide specifically for students who are enrolled in online graduate degree programs

  • Connect with me if you’re an online degree student so that I can help you by sharing my personal journey through online graduate degree programs

American Public Health Association – Epi Section special featured episode coming up next week. Make sure you tune in for that.


Since this episode was originally published, program offerings have changed significantly. Refer to the tabs on the menu for what is currently available, or contact us directly to let us know how we may be of assistance.

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