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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #20: Interview with Dr. Jenn, an Exceptional PhD Coach

In This Episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Dr. Huntley interviews Dr. Jennifer Rounds-Bryant, commonly known as Dr. Jenn.

Dr. Jenn is a genuine and authentic coach who demonstrates a high level of excellence as the normal level of service that she provides to her students. She is an exceptional PhD coach who combines her experience as a licensed clinical psychologist, 16 years teaching graduate students and chairing dissertation committees, as well as 20 years of experience publishing research in peer reviewed journals.

She refers to her services as “flipping on the light” to help shed light on your path and prevent you from stumbling in the dark. She, also, refers to herself as an “outcomes junkie,” because she helps to encourage students and move them forward to graduation. Dr. Jenn shares valuable information as you get to know her in this episode. Even if you’re a master's degree student, Dr. Huntley encourages you to listen to this episode. Dr. Jenn discusses impostor syndrome as it relates to graduate degree students (masters and doctoral), and shares information about how she addresses this issue with her students.

Listen to This Episode of the PHEC Podcast

Included in this episode:

Dr. Jenn talks about her educational and career background, and what led her to where she is today with her business.

  • Teaching

  • Chair of about 30 dissertation committees

  • PhD Coach for private clients

  • Small private clinical practice

Dr. Jenn talks about how she became interested in coaching.

After serving as a dissertation chair for 16 years, she decided to begin private coaching in 2016 when her students started telling her that their friends were not receiving the same level of help with their dissertation that she was providing to her students.

The main service she provides is PhD Coaching

Services are tailored to help students with any parts of the PhD process, including politics, coursework, comprehensives, and dissertation.

  • She has helped students go from no chapters completed to proposal defense in three weeks.

  • She has helped students go from stuck on an incomplete grade for 2 years to finishing 4 papers for the complete grade and passing comprehensives in 90 days.

  • She has walked students through dissertation defense only.

How does a PhD student know when they can benefit from coaching?

Dr. Jenn explained:

  • Most of her clients reach out when they have been struggling for a considerable length of time, 6 months or more, and they are ready to move forward.

  • Often they have tried a number of strategies on their own, and none have worked for them. They are typically in complete shock when as little as one session can help move them forward.

  • Some students contact her because they know they need help every step of the way and don’t want to waste time trying to hit a moving target in the dark.

  • Some students consult with her very occasionally when they have a question or they anticipate getting stuck on something.

The process when a student reaches out to Dr. Jenn

  • Most students reach out to her via inbox on her Facebook page, PhD Coach.

  • Some provide a lot of background, others only give the bare minimum information.

  • They agree upon a time for a 20 min free consultation.

  • During the consultation, the student explains their need and Dr. Jenn tells them what she can offer which is tailored to their specific needs.

  • They agree on the first formal PhD Coaching session.

  • She sends them her PhD Coaching Memorandum of Agreement, which outlines the format of services as they discussed during the consultation.

  • She then emails them a PayPal invoice to prepay for the session.

  • Just before the appointment, the student emails copies of any documents they want to review.

  • Then they call her at the designated time.

Imposter syndrome and special product launch.

Dr. Jenn explains how the issue of imposter syndrome comes up a lot in her PhD coaching. She found herself repeating the same strategies for addressing imposter syndrome. So she developed a product line called “Personal Billboards”, with Smashing Imposter Syndrome as her first offering. It consists of a summary of her four most effective strategies for smashing imposter syndrome among PhD students on a 6 X4 shiny two-sided postcard along with a lapel pin containing an infographic that summarizes the content on the postcard. The postcard can be placed on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or laptop cover and the lapel pin can be placed on a jacket or bag for easy access and constant reminder of what it takes to smash imposter syndrome.

Connect with Dr. Jenn:

Facebook Page: PhD Coach

Purchase Personal Billboard: Smashing Imposter Syndrome

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