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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #6 Interview with Dr. Frazier Beatty: Public Health Education Pathways to Careers

In this episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast, Dr. Huntley interviews Dr. Beatty

Dr. Huntley and Dr. Beatty discuss some of the different education pathways to careers in public health, specifically online and traditional brick and mortar universities.

Dr. Frazier Beatty has an impressive background including US military service, as well as other governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private industry. He has completed undergraduate and graduate level education in both online and traditional university programs, served as faculty, dissertation chair, and University Research Reviewer (URR). He truly has a heart for education and service in public health. Additionally, he is the group owner of the American Public Health Association (APHA) group on LinkedIn.

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Included in this episode:

We talk about whether or not there is a stigma associated with online degrees versus degrees earned at traditional brick and mortar universities with physical campuses.

Dr. Beatty shares some advantages (and disadvantages) of attending an online university degree program and attending the physical campus of a traditional brick and mortar university.

Advantages of online:

  • asynchronous, meaning you can complete the work when your schedule permits and you are not held to a specific meeting time.

  • faster-paced for disciplined learners who like to read ahead and complete their work early

  • Online can be done anywhere with an internet connection.

Advantages of brick and mortar:

  • undergraduates who need more student support services and socialization

  • good choice for hands-on majors like engineering and nursing.

  • participation in extracurricular activities

Dr. Beatty has unique experience as a student and as a faculty member in both online, as well as brick and mortar universities. Additionally, he is a member of an advisory panel at a university that has both an online and physical campus and is currently developing a Master of Public Health program (MPH). With that in mind, Dr. Huntley asked Dr. Beatty some questions about the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). He answered her questions and shared some insights on this important topic.

Dr. Beatty's Career Advice to Public Health Graduate Students and Recent Graduates

  • Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!

  • Network on social media to meet people who currently work or previously worked where you want to land a job.

  • Focus on the end goal and become a specialist in your field.

  • Explore the area that you’re interested in working.

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