Episode #5: Five Strategies for Online Graduate School Life Balance

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

In this episode, I discuss five actionable tips that online graduate degree students can use to help them balance the busy demands of graduate school and life. What starts out as excitement about starting graduate school can often drift into a silent frustration for many. Trying to juggle school, work, family, and other obligations can be overwhelming. I will share with you some strategies that can help you regain your focus, control your journey, and achieve success.

Although any graduate student may find this information to be helpful, I’m specifically targeting online graduate students because of the special challenges that online students face. Some of the common challenges include adjusting to the online environment, feelings of isolation that can be self-defeating, adapting to the fast pace of the coursework along with the high demands of life in general, and the need to develop a strong system that will help you stay on track and succeed.


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This episode is for:

  1. Online graduate students who often struggle to meet deadlines, have frequent late assignment submissions, and even missed deadlines

  2. Online graduate students who are stressed by trying to manage work, school, and other responsibilities

  3. Online graduate students having difficulty organizing and adjusting to the online learning environment

  4. Online graduate students who are lacking a support system, struggle with lack of structured system of organization, or loss of focus

  5. Colleagues looking for an opportunity to share a helpful resource with a student who reaches out for help and guidance

UPDATE: Since this episode originally published, more programs have been created to teach strategies that will help you succeed in grad school. To learn more, visit the resources page of this website.

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