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On A Mission To

help large nonprofit organizations communicate traditionally complicated health information in a way that uses plain language to engage, build trust, and positively impact  the health of the communities they serve.


This is a good fit for large nonprofit organizations looking for support with creating innovative and engaging community health profiles and fact sheets.

Public Health Consulting, Epidemiology Consulting, Best Health Podcasts


Listen to conversations that explore real life application of public health and epidemiology to improve health outcomes for people around the world.


Contact us with any questions about the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations podcast or consulting services.

Public Health Consulting, Epidemiology Consulting, Best Health Podcasts

The Vision

A world that embraces public health as an essential element in all markets


Meet Dr.Huntley

Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley, CEO of DrCHHuntley, is a recognized leader in the public health industry.  She is a trailblazer, with over 20 years of successful experience as an accomplished epidemiologist, microbiologist, consultant,

podcaster, and entrepreneur.  

A little birdie told me...

I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning (2017). At that time, it was the only podcast in the public health field that was both professional and digestible. I was an undergraduate student and was taking those next steps to get in a graduate MPH program.  I am the first in my family to go to grad school, so I did not know the process. However, Dr. Huntley was the guidance I needed!  When I got into my MPH program, my school was about a 45 minute commute and the podcast helped me stay current on the issues and build my public health professional network.

- Christine

Dr. Huntley and her team have done an incredible job helping us produce 24 episodes that help tell the story of the Tribal Epidemiology Centers (TEC). We heard time and again that Dr. Huntley made the interview process accessible and enjoyable for each participant! We love Dr. Huntley’s warm and casual approach to the conversations. We also greatly appreciated her assistant, Laura, keeping us on task in scheduling speakers for the monthly episodes- no easy feat! These episodes have not only helped us meet our program goals, but have also been incredibly fun and enriching for our TEC partners and have been an amazing way to highlight our staff far and wide. 


Our partnership with Dr. Huntley was initiated to support our epidemiology team through some heavy organizational shifts. Dr. Huntley jumped right in encouraging our team of skilled, but stressed epidemiologists. She provided guidance, support, structure, and insight for their work ethic and approaches to the many projects we were working on, and strategizing with leadership on methods for best leveraging resources. Dr. Huntley often pushes efforts forward, despite significant challenges. Her seamless approach to coaching, mentoring, and project management fills in knowledge gaps while boosting the confidence of the epidemiology team overall. We are confident in our ability to eliminate roadblocks to success while Dr. Huntley is a part of our team.

- Jacquelyn

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