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Career Strategies for Students of Public Health

Career coaching program for students only

  • Program is exclusively for current and soon-to-be public health students

  • Learn how to start thinking more strategically about your career in public health

  • Get answers to your most pressing public health career-related questions

Career Strategies for Students of Public

What students are saying...

Posted by Adaora 

"Thank you for your insights. Strategic thinking, volunteering and networking will definitely lead a public health Specialist to a good job. I also agree with you when you said we should focus more on the aspect we love so s to get grounded for future purposes."

Posted by Justin


"Thank you for taking the time to design this unique workshop for us students. I appreciate the information you presented to us and value it highly."

Posted by Karen


"I appreciate this workshop so much. I am currently preparing to apply to graduate school (MPH). It had never dawned on me about how important it is to strategically prepare to ask a question to get the information that I want/need. THANK YOU!"

Posted by Ariel


"I would like to thank you for putting this together. This is so beneficial to students everywhere who are looking for guidance such as myself. Strategic thinking has lead me to build my portfolio throughout my undergraduate career. I am always looking for more resources to broaden my mind, so I am glad I was able to find this.

Posted by Gabriela


"As a recent graduate with a bachelor in public health and about to start my MPH program I have been listening to your advice every step of the way. My biggest strategic action step I took on seriously was to network and connect with like-minded professionals. By doing so, one of my first LinkedIn connection referred me to someone where I'm currently working as an intern which has led me to broader professional development." 

Posted by Mickal


"First, I'd like to say thank you for taking time to put this workshop together. Day 1 has opened my eyes to thinking and coming up with a game plan instead of waiting until graduation, as you stated, to decide what and where I want to continue my career in Public Health."