Episode #8 How to Prepare for and Transition into a Public Health Career

In this episode, I continue sharing strategies that will help you prepare for and transition into a public health career. The information in this episode will be helpful for graduate students, as well as recent graduates who are trying to secure their public health career positions. There is a great deal of valuable information shared here, and I encourage you to listen to the full episode.


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In the full episode, I discuss strategies in great detail. The following are just some of the topics that I discuss:

  • Realize that you can get there. You can get into the position of public health that you desire, but it will take come careful thinking and planning.

  • Conduct an honest self-assessment or self-evaluation to determine if you have the skill set needed for the position that you want, or identify what training you will need in order to gain those skills. Create a plan of action to gain the skills you need.

  • Prepare resume/CV

  • Follow or create a path for transitioning (explained in episode)

  • Building a bridge/connection (I discuss six ways to accomplish this in the episode)

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